Ohio Scriptorium & Bible Festival (2018)

… including the return of the OSBF GAME SHOW!!!!

What’s a Scriptorium?


In the centuries between Christ and the modern era, God raised up believers to preserve hand-written copies of His precious word from the dangers of tyrannical governments, ignorance, and neglect.

These scribes copied the Scriptures in a room called the “Scriptorium,” and they passed on to us the fruits of their labors—Biblical manuscripts, faithfully recorded and painstakingly copied.

In the tradition of those who dedicated themselves to transmit God’s Word faithfully, even unto death, we are inviting and gathering together individuals, couples and families alike who desire to faithfully transmit God’s Word through the spoken word. Believers will come together to hear, recite, learn and apply God’s Word for the encouragement of themselves and others.

At the 2018 Ohio Scriptorium and Bible Festival, we will focus exclusively on the Gospel of Luke & its corresponding book of Acts, as well as conduct thematic workshops, recitation ceremonies, and, back by popular demand, our related game show. We hope all attendees arrive hungry and thirsty for God’s Word and depart equipped and challenged to share His Word faithfully in their homes, churches, and communities.


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