The Ohio Scriptorium & Bible Festival and our FIRST EVER Psalms & Worship Conference

… featuring the ENTIRE book of Psalms!!!!

Who is Invited?

All those who love the Word of God, want to hear it taught, recited, and preached, or would like to recite It, even dramatically. We also invite all who are interested in learning how to apply the books of Luke & Acts in a practical way, as well as improve their own Bible memory skills. Since our event is located in Northeast Ohio, the crux of our invitations will be to those in Ohio and its surrounding states; however, everyone around the country is invited to our Ohio extravaganza!

WARNING: Attendees will be exposed to large doses of godly fellowship; challenged to live out their faith through the application and proclamation of God’s Word; and expected to take whatever spiritual tools they obtain or sharpen and use them immediately for God’s Kingdom upon returning to their respective homes.


2 comments on “Who is Invited?

  1. Angel Dyer
    February 4, 2020

    Is there a way I can find out who all in ohio uses the scriptorium?


    • Many families participate in the annual OH Scriptorium. It varies from year-to-year. We don’t keep specific numbers. Most OH attendees live north of Columbus, south of Cleveland, east of Sandusky, and west of Youngstown. Hope this helps with your question.


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