The Ohio Scriptorium & Bible Festival and our FIRST EVER Psalms & Worship Conference

… featuring the ENTIRE book of Psalms!!!!

A Game Show?!?!

Do you know of a ministry dear to your heart that could use some extra financial support? Who doesn’t?!? How ’bout winning a Game Show where you can direct your 100,000¢ Prize earnings to THAT ministry?

The Ohio Scriptorium & Bible Festival has hosted our own home-grown OSBF Game Show for the past 3 years, borrowing from similar formats found on the American Bible Challenge™ & the National Bible Bee Game Show™! Our game show has served well in helping us achieve our ultimate goal of cementing God’s Word in the hearts and minds of past attendees!

In 2019, teams of 4 contestants (family members, friends, strangers, WHOEVER, of ALL ages) compete against other teams in rounds of Bible knowledge & trivia, pertaining to our theme of focus last year: The Life of David. As a result, Team Endgamers defeated Team Gadite Quartet in a tiebreaker round, AFTER the 2 teams tied in the typically decisive Saber Showdown Finale. Team Endgamers elected to donate the GRAND PRIZE of 100,000¢ (a.k.a. $1,000), to the Galilean Children’s Home in Liberty, KY ( ); while Team Gadite Quartet elected to donate the 2nd Place Prize of 50,000¢ (a.k.a. $500) to Ends of the Earth Ministries ( ).

In 2020, in spite of the size & scope of Psalms, we will still be able to have a formal gameshow with preliminary, semifinal & final rounds, as in time’s past. We plan a gameshow, as time permits, where teams of attendees will encounter several categories of questions from the Psalms to further imprint upon their hearts the hours of study and memorization they went through in Bible Bee and here. We still intend to give donations from the winning teams toward TBD ministries.

Our goal continues to be: bringing God’s Word home to the hearts and minds of all attendees in challenging and fun ways — all while blessing some Bible-based ministries along the way!

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