Ohio Scriptorium & Bible Festival (2018)

… including the return of the OSBF GAME SHOW!!!!

Available Chapters

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For the 2018 Ohio Scriptorium & Bible Festival, our focus is on the Gospel of LUKE and Luke’s corresponding book of ACTS.

LUKE is a comprehensive book detailing events from before Jesus Christ’s birth all the way to His ascension back into heaven. Its 24 chapters capture the divinely-inspired perspective of a 1st century physician who conducted interviews with firsthand eyewitnesses of the life and times of Jesus Christ.

ACTS picks right up where LUKE ends and details events from the birth of the New Testament church all the way to the start of Paul’s first imprisonment in Rome. Its author, Luke, records his own and others’ eyewitness accounts of the explosion of Christianity in Jerusalem and beyond, as well as the accompanying trials & persecutions from its most hostile detractors.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to recite at least one chapter from either one of these books as an individual and/or as a family or group in the various forms of recitation that we offer. Individuals, families and/or groups can sign up for no more than one chapter per individual and one per family/group. (Individual chapters may also be reserved by individual members of the same family.)

Please send chapter requests using the Contact Form on the Register page. When a chapter has been reserved it will be crossed out in the list as soon as we are alerted to the request. (Please Note: Chapter reservations will be updated on this page by 10AM EST, the day following their request.)

For those who would like to dramatize their chapter recitation with emotional expression, related props & wardrobe, and even assisting, but not disruptive or distracting, sound effects, may do so on either day. (All props, wardrobe & relevant effects must be disclosed in advance to Festival organizers and receive advanced approval.)

Friday is reserved for the book of LUKE — its full recitation & discussion of its important themes, particularly the teachings of and about Jesus. We also plan to have the Preliminary Rounds of our second annual Scriptorium Game Show in the afternoon, where we will test teams-of-3 and their specific knowledge of  LUKE & ACTS.

Saturday is reserved for the book of ACTS — its full recitation & discussion of its important themes, particularly the acts & sermons of the apostles. We also plan to have the Semifinal and Final Rounds of the Scriptorium Game Show, where we will test Friday’s top teams-of-3 and crown our champion who will win 100,000 cents for their favorite ministry/charity.

The Ohio Scriptorium & Bible Festival strives for excellence in the handling of God’s Word. While we desire for all Bible recitation to be enjoyable for the orator, we especially want it to be edifying for the hearers; therefore, in reserving 1 chapter, we request that all who make reservations, whether for “straight” recitation or dramatization, must have their chapter(s) fully memorized and mastered, at least, four weeks in advance of their scheduled performance (i.e., by the end of May 2018). Festival organizers will require all scheduled performers to either perform their chapter(s) in advance, upon request, if local to our event, or submit video/audio evidence by the beginning of June 2018.

Festival organizers reserve the right to reassign or reduce chapter recitations in the event of cancellation, due to illness, injury, family tragedy, travel delays, other unforeseen circumstances, or lack of necessary preparation in order to recite satisfactorily (according to Festival Guidelines & Standards).

This year’s chapters are as follows:

Friday (June 29) — Chapter Recitations

LUKE (24 Chapters)

Luke 1   [80 verses]     Christiara A.             Luke 2   [52 verses]    Ballards

Luke 3   [38 verses]     JiMDandi F.               Luke 4   [44 verses]    Craigs

Luke 5   [39 verses]     Landon B.                   Luke 6   [49 verses]    Martin D.

Luke 7   [50 verses]     Craigs                          Luke 8   [56 verses]    Alexanders

Luke 9   [62 verses]     Christian A.               Luke 10 [42 verses]    Samuchel M.

Luke 11 [54 verses]     Karsten F.                   Luke 12 [59 verses]    Floymarleximone

Luke 13 [35 verses]     Caleb W.                      Luke 14 [35 verses]    Dresbachs

Luke 15 [32 verses]     Carissa P.                    Luke 16 [31 verses]    Heather P.

Luke 17 [37 verses]     Todchen M.                 Luke 18 [43 verses]    Schweitzers

Luke 19 [48 verses]     Rachina L.                  Luke 20 [47 verses]    Sundarams

Luke 21 [38 verses]     Gabrielle F.                Luke 22 [71 verses]     Carobrielle F.

Luke 23 [56 verses]     Dan P.                          Luke 24 [53 verses]    Rosie A.

Saturday (June 30) — Chapter Recitations

ACTS (28 Chapters)

Acts 1   [26 verses]     Martins                              Acts 2   [47 verses]     Lambs

Acts 3   [26 verses]     Sarah J.                             Acts 4   [37 verses]     Elliaith P.

Acts 5   [42 verses]     Schweitzers                     Acts 6   [15 verses]     Elisabeth W.

Acts 7   [60 verses]     Nicolas A.                         Acts 8  [40 verses]     Nathan W.

Acts 9   [42 verses]     Hannah W.                      Acts 10 [48 verses]    Alexander girls

Acts 11 [30 verses]     David P.                            Acts 12 [25 verses]     Elissa M.

Acts 13 [52 verses]     Anna F.                             Acts 14 [28 verses]     Grace J.

Acts 15 [40 verses]     Christian A.                    Acts 16 [40 verses]     Wrights

Acts 17 [34 verses]     Titus A.                             Acts 18 [28 verses]     Johnsons

Acts 19 [41 verses]     Aleximone Boys            Acts 20 [38 verses]     Rosie A.

Acts 21 [40 verses]     Leary girls                       Acts 22 [30 verses]     Titus A.

Acts 23 [35 verses]     Ethan C.                            Acts 24 [27 verses]     Nathan W.

Acts 25 [27 verses]     Alexander boys             Acts 26 [32 verses]     Beechys

Acts 27 [44 verses]     Christian A.                    Acts 28 [31 verses]     Malones


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