The Ohio Scriptorium & Bible Festival and our FIRST EVER Psalms & Worship Conference

… featuring the ENTIRE book of Psalms!!!!

Lodging Assistance (Closed)

Lodging Assistance is NOW CLOSED. All Scriptorium chapters have been reserved, and lodging assignments for those traveling from over 90 miles away have been filled. (If you are registered for lodging, read all fine print below to see what you and your family can expect & are expected to fulfill with our free lodging option.)

Oftentimes, one of the main reasons we can’t attend many coveted conferences and festivals around the country is because of the cost of lodging. When originally pondering the Ohio Scriptorium and Bible  Festival, one of our first decisions was to offer free lodging to all active participants traveling from more than 90 miles away. We believe in the hospitality of the body of Christ, and also believe that participants will appreciate and enjoy the Festival much more without the burden of lodging expenses on their mind.

Therefore, we created this page for two reasons:

  1. For you to let us know if you’ll need the complimentary lodging that we are offering to individuals, married couples or families who plan to be ACTIVE participants at the Festival AND live farther than 90 miles away from Akron, OH. (ACTIVE participant means that you intend to be directly involved in the Festival in one of several ways: recitation–“straight” or dramatic; leading a workshop, seminar or other form of teaching or preaching; providing the main entree at one of our scheduled meals; and/or leading or organizing one of our scheduled times of singing or devotions.)
    • In order to provide the best accommodations we can, we will need full details on who exactly is attending in your party (i.e., precise numbers — no surprises!!) and children’s ages.
    • We will also need to know of any unusual requests or extraordinary needs anyone in your party may have. While we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill all requests or meet all needs, we will strive to do our best!
    • Expect accommodations to be quite basic, especially for children. There will likely be a bed available for an individual or married couple, but children will likely need to bring sleeping bags and expect to sleep on air mattresses or floors. Parents with infants or toddlers will need to provide their own cribs or “Pack-n-Plays.”
    • Sorry, no pets or animals or extraterrestrial creatures.
    • Finally, please know in advance that lodging accommodations will most likely be in homes provided by local families who may or may not have tons of space in their home but tons of space in their heart to take in strangers (maybe even angels?). Please remember to be considerate of their personal space, respectful of their property and preferred schedules (that includes YOU, night owls!), and thankful for their provision. Also, please commit to leaving your assigned room(s) or area(s) as, or better than, you found them upon arrival.
  2. For you to let us know if you’d be willing to Host an individual, married couple and/or family who is planning to attend the event for more than one day.
    • Hosting will entail, of course, having a private room or private designated space fully dedicated to an individual, married couple or family, as well as reasonable access to a restroom, ensuring privacy as much as possible.
    • Please indicate in the Host Section of Registration whether you will only be able to accommodate an individual, a married couple and/or a family, as well as how large a family. Also, please make sure to divulge whether you have in-home pets (for allergy indications).
    • Hosts are expected to provide breakfast for their temporary tenant(s) on Friday and Saturday mornings. Does not need to be extravagant, but maybe something more than just toast & water.
    • As possible, we will make every attempt to enable communications between Host homes and designated attendees as soon as assignments can be made.
    • Finally, just know in advance that serving as a Host home is one of the most pivotal services you can provide during the Festival. Words cannot express enough the appreciation we have for your generosity and hospitality! Thank you!

Please let us know on the Registration Page of your need for Lodging or your willingness to provide it.

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