Ohio Scriptorium & Bible Festival (2018)

… including the return of the OSBF GAME SHOW!!!!

Meal Provision

DSC_0329 (2)One of our top priorities for the Ohio Scriptorium & Bible Festival is to keep costs low for attendees, especially those traveling from afar; this includes providing meals free of monetary charge for all registered festival attendees. We will aim for a specific main entree theme for the Lunches and Dinners to be provided, such as a “pizza party” dinner, “dawgs & burgers” lunch, “mass transit subs,” etc., and will likely not be able to accommodate individual tastes, dietary restrictions or allergies. We encourage attendees to prepare in advance if there are special food needs in your traveling party.

As there are still expenses that will be incurred for festival organizers to enable this benefit to meal participants, we ask all attendees who are local to the Scriptorium & Bible Festival (within 90 miles of the event) to also sign up to assist in providing some level of food, drink, and/or paper products for one or more of our scheduled meals. Based on last year’s attendance, we expect to have between 125-150 people. Our official numbers will be known by the Registration deadline of May 31, 2018.

Sign-up is included on the Registration Page. Festival organizers will contact you directly to discuss specific needs for particular meals. Donations will also be accepted, though not required, at each meal to help offset festival costs incurred to ensure everyone is fed.


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